The Harmons are born...

That day at a Minnesota art show, the Harmons were born. Little did Jim know that the first creation would become a series of children's books. Jim was just satisfying the curiosity of the many customers fascinated by these wonderful little people. He started to spin tales and descriptions of Harmon life and what they did in Mother Nature's Domain. Then on day Jim was asked,

"Why don't you write a story about your beautiful little Harmons with pictures to go with them?"

And here it is, Wonder in the Woods, the first in a series of children's books. Become one of the first to present the tales of the Harmons to the world!

With its stories of Adventure, Discovery, Wonder, and Learning, this first book introduces the Harmon's to us through the eyes of Emily. The, as the series unfolds, we will learn more about the Harmon Clans, who they are and what they do in the forest. In the second book, you'll be introduced to three main characters who then will have stories written about them.

Wonder in the Woods, and the stories that follow, give us a continuing education about nature and the respect we need to give it.

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