Jaguar Publishing is working with non-profit organizations to help them raise money through the sale of Jim Stahl's book, Wonder in the Woods. Our goal is to market this book and others through non-profit and fundraising organizations of all kinds, giving them the retail profits. The long-term benefit is to be a part of the ongoing creativity and inspiration of this series of books and information, known as the "Mother Nature's Children Collection".
As a non-profit organization, you will be able to share in this long term fund raising tool. The Harmon Society will continue to expand as we release future books, artwork, clothing and novelties, giving your organization the opportunity to grow along with us. We need your help. Please join us as we move away from the corporate profit structure and build a network of NPOs. Become a part of the paradigm shift.
You can earn from 25% to 50% sharing this exciting new series of books. 1-800-928-9991