Jim Stahl was born in Shoreview, Minnesota. Young Jim spent much time at the family kennel where his love for animals first took hold. The cats and dogs at the kennel made great subjects and increased young Jim's early artistic aspirations.

Stahl increased his knowledge of the arts at the University of Wisconsin-Superior and The Rocky Mountain School of Art in Denver, Colorado. However Jim's parents urged him to pursue other careers to provide for his budding family.

At the age of fifty Jim developed kidney cancer and reassessed his life goals; it was time to do what has always inspired him: art. Jim started rehoning his craft by creating life-like portraits for patrons at craft shows in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Unfortunately, Jim's booth seemed plain in comparision to other booths, so he started creating wildlife drawings to decorate it. Stahl quickly realized that the wildlife art was overtaking his portrait work because it would sell out at every show!

Stahl discovered that drawing with pastels on black paper provided the work with soft lines and rich colors that made the critters come to life. This niche has provided Stahl with a very unique way to express his artistic aspirations. Jim's artwork has been sold from England to California, but he is best know in Minnesota where he resides. Stahl has illustrated a children's book entitled The Tiny String of Pearls - Red and spends a large portion of his time teaching workshops for local elementary schools.

Jim has dedicated himself to producing and teaching as much as possible to ensure that the world will enjoy his amazing works of art.